TEMPO Interactive, Yogyakarta – Mount Merapi Eruption experience uninterupted or uninterrupted eruption in the year 2010. Eruptions that are ekspolif Oct. 26 experienced a pause, but starting on Wednesday (3 / 11) eruptions occur continuously until Saturday (6/5/11).

“If the eruption of Merapi in 1872 eruption unbroken for 120 hours, is nearly matching that event,” said R Sukhyar, Head of Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (EMR), Saturday (6 / 11).

Eruptions that without ceasing, he said, because the supply of magma from pockets in the belly of the earth is still high. Magma bag closest to the peak of Merapi are in 3 kilometers from the summit, while in the magma pocket located at position 100 kilometers from the peak of Merapi.

Based on field observation, pyroclastic deposits currently reached a distance of 12 kilometers in Kali Boyong with a thickness of up to 10 meters. Based on reports from BPPTK, up at 06.00 AM thunderous eruption can still be heard from a distance of 20 kilometers from the mountain top.

Similarities Merapi eruption was in 2010 with the 1872 eruption in 1872 produced the crater with a diameter of between 480-600 meters. While the current eruption that formed the crater was predicted to reach 400 square meters.

According to data BPPTK, 1872 eruption lasted for five days and is classified in class D. Cracking noise sounded to Falkirk, Madura and Bawean. Pyroclastic flows through almost all existing river at the peak of Merapi, namely Kali Apu, Trising Kali, Kali Senowo, Kali Blongkeng, Batang Kali, Kali Woro, and Kali Gendol. However, the 1872 eruption did not mention the number of casualties.

While it’s been three days of Merapi is still out hot clouds and eruptions still occur with no pause. The victim was carrying more than 100 inhabitants. Data victims still do not get certainty because it is estimated there are victims who have not been found.

source :http://www.tempointeraktif.com/hg/jogja


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