Mount Merapi

Yogyakarta – After the great eruptions that have occurred since the last 3 days, the condition of the Merapi crater and open wider to the south. Because of this, the more heat clouds glide long and far that many victimized people living south slopes of Merapi.

“The more open and heading south, this is why the south and southeast of more casualties,” said Chief BPPTK Subandriyo in his office, Jl Cendana No. 15 Yogyakarta on Saturday (06/11/2010).

He said some of the past after a big eruption of Merapi could not be observed visually. However, the observation Harini, Merapi crater at the top looks more open and heading south.

“Activity is still high, still sounding roar and clouds of glowing hot. Smoke soared up to 2 km,” said Subandriyo.

According Subandriyo, as many as three tools in pairs by the Center for Investigation and Technological Development Kegunungapian (BBPTK) broken clouds exposed to heat. However, BPPTK will replace the monitoring equipment in a safer place.

The three tools that were damaged built on a hill Klatakan, and pure-bred Pusunglondon Sidorejo Magelang regency, Klaten. While one tool that is still functioning mounted on a hill near Ground Plawangan Sleman.

“Regarding the installation of additional monitoring tool, today my friends on the field are looking for an appropriate location for the installation of such equipment,” he said.

According to him, the plan monitoring tool that will be installed at four stations, including the whole observatories, Selo, Boyolali and Keteb, Sawangan, Magelang. Meanwhile, two other tools are still looking for a suitable location.

“One of the installation tool, we will try to finish today,” he said.

For the installation of monitors he continued, should meet the standards for monitoring volcanoes. First, the standards that must be met including seismograph monitors must have a minimum of 4 pieces.

Second, the monitor to see the deformation in the summit, namely visual observation either from GPS (Global Positioning System) and EDM (Electronic Distance Measurement). Third, geochemical monitoring, namely the observation to monitor the gases released during eruptions.

source : Ilyas Istianur – detikNews

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