The Origin of Shampoo

In fact, wash your hair using a special material has been known since ancient Roman times though. But the ancient Romans are still using shampoo (from the Hindu language ‘champo’ which means to massage or knead) of soap. The goal is not to care or beauty as it is now, but just to clean. No wonder that even their hair so coarse and easily damaged, because the content does not match the soap used for cleaning hair.

Maybe that’s what makes hair washing be avoided, even considered to be harmful to health! For centuries, a new habit of washing your hair done only if deemed necessary. I was so seldom wash, the Europeans in the 18th century diligently carrying antiseptic liquid in the bag or pocket. That is, just in case if there are insects or pests which at times can fall from their scalp!

But over time more and more also are aware that washing your hair with the right material to complete the problems experienced hair. Uh, do not you know, the ancient man too clever-clever. If they feel her hair look dull, they wash with egg material. Whereas if you feel oily hair, wash them with material lenmon orange or lime.

Uniquely, bershampo was also not merely have to get wet. Does anybody have any tips bershampoo dry manner that is using cornstarch as his shmapoo. Usually used together those who have oily hair complaints.

Other countries, different habits. For example, in the Asian region. Because the so-called good hair is bushy, black and shiny, so they use coconut milk as a shampoo (as well as fruits, vegetables, wheat or fish oil to increase the health of the hair). In fact, the ancestors of Asians have a special recipe, coconut milk and coconut milk for a thin wash to soften the hair.

Especially in Japan, the favorite shampoo they use is often beaten egg whites. Herb to nourish and shine of hair and apply them throughout your hair. In order to smell fishy eggs lost, they then rubbed the hair with a towel first been rinsed by warm water. Shine is done many times until the smell of decaying stench disappeared.

Washing hair with shampoo and water, becomes a commonplace in the 1900’s. The reason it does because when the air is polluted because muli factories that began to appear. The first shampoo is sold retail and succeed in the marketplace is the result of John Breck in the 1930’s. He is the person who first introduced the shampoo to dry hair and oily. Image “Breck Girl” became famous, especially after many Hollywood stars who starred in the ad.

In 1931, a chemist from the United States, Lawrence Gelb, who could well make shampoo hair coloring. The product is then known by the name of Clairol. While the company Johnson & Johnson in 1955 issued a shampoo for babies who are not painful in the eyes. In 1986, Procter & Gamble manufacture first 2 in 1 shampoo (cleanses and softens) are directly known throughout the world.

Manufacture of shampoos for various hair problems continue to persist today. Moreover, each person has different problems with their hair. That is why, till now the types of shampoo growing a lot. Not just for cleaning and hair care, but also to straighten, make fluffy, long and so fast. But remember, do not become victims of ad yaa! It could even be damaged our hair.


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