Teluk Naga Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay, or in the Indonesian language means Dragon Bay, is a tourist area which is incredibly beautiful in Vietnam, about 168 km east of Hanoi. Islands covering an area of ​​1.553 km2, which is formed from water erosion in limestone rock formation and took the time to 500 million years has become sangtuari for biodiversity, including marine and evergreen plants approximately 14 kinds of flowers and 60 species of fauna, one of which was the golden head of an ape species , one of the most endangered primates in the world-who are scattered around the 1960 islands. Ha Long Bay area also has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and is now competing with the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, the Komodo Island in Indonesia and 27 other competitors for the title in the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

When visiting Ha Long Bay area, also explore the life and culture of the surrounding community. You will be enchanted by the simplicity and friendly people who still like to wear hats Non La, a traditional hat made of woven bamboo and are very practical because it can withstand exposure to the heat of Vietnam, and can be used for places to eat and drink. Also do not forget to enjoy the freshness of the dragon fruit is so rich in antioxidants. Besides the beauty of a view, dragon fruit is one of the leading export commodity Ha Long Bay. To complete the experience of Ha Long Bay-ing you, enjoy kulinari menu also named Pho, a soup made of 21 ingredients, including cinnamon, ginger, sea stars, fish paste, and beef.

The form of the most happening tourist and long queues could bring the visitors in the area of ​​Ha Long Bay is roaming the island with boating while visiting some of the pier, sandy beaches and stunning cave. And the most perfect time to visit the bay Dragon is among the months from April to October when the weather presents a bright color and natural charm of Ha Long Bay’s most beautiful. November to March is a condition in which Ha Long Bay are in the lowest point, both in terms of price and the number of tourist visits. Of course because of bad weather, including rain and the potential for hurricane-up to sometimes cause the closing of this beautiful sights. To pamper your body and mind with the beauty of Ha Long Bay, you can follow a tour 3 days 2 nights exploring the islands with boarded a sailing ship with 37 cabins are made with the same design and appearance with the ships that sailed the region in the era dio old times. Package tours with a double size cabin starts from U.S. $ 330, includes transportation from and to Hanoi.

There is an area in Ha Long Bay is quite unique, named Celestial Palace (Thien Cung) Grotto. Limestone cave with stalactites of this amazing collection of recently discovered and it is said that the amount added with other limestone caves and the number of islands in Ha Long Bay area, it will menghasilankan number 1969, which is the year where Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary figures and statesmen who highly respected in Vietnam, died. Do not believe? You can prove the beauty and uniqueness when visiting Ha Long Bay.


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